The Technology of Magic

For as long as humans have existed they have tried to learn to adapt to, or control, their environment. They, we, have sought safety, nourishment, a place to rest and lovers. To do this they have used brute strength, intelligence, and technology. One of the oldest technologies developed by humans was and for some still is, magic.

Some of you may scoff at the idea of “magic” as a technology. You may think of “technology” as science and computers and tools, and you would be right to view it that way. At least in this postmodern world we live in today. However, you also should understand that the concept of technology is relatively new and that our science today is much different than the science of only 200 years ago. In fact, the word “technology” did not even exist 200 years ago.

“Technology” has its’ origins in the Greek root techne. Techne meant much more to the ancient Greeks. It encompassed everything from the ideas behind the creative process to the act of creating in everything from physical items to philosophy. Techne, it seems, applied more to the act of art or application of skill and the term was used in a broad sense to refer to skill in various arts and crafts.

Magic was such an art, and skill. It was approached in a manner that is far removed with how Hollywood portrays it. The practice of magic was and is the practice of sacrifice. The sacrifice of hard work, study, and practice. Day after day and night after night. For days, months, and years. `

Why? Why all the hard work? The struggle of learning something sometimes alien to your faith. Why struggle with the building of tools by the instructions of some mage dead for hundreds of years, who will never be around to review your work or grade your effort? Because, when done right, it works.

It works. I know because I have made it work.

The effort you put forth to learn, to comprehend, to execute the “art and science” of magic, in such a manner as to fulfill your necessary goals or desires can be rewarded with success. I have done it. You can too. If you really want to do the work.

It is the purpose of this blog to take a look at the various forms of magical practice and how they are achieved, or at least attempted, and to give you my personal opinion of how magic may work even if I don’t have an understanding fully of why it works.

Maybe we can learn together.

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